For really heavy duty!

  • high cold test current

  • low self-discharge

  • exemplary starting behavior

  • unusually high vibration resistance

  • permanent readiness to start

  • extremely long life


Bolts and bushings for all wheel loaders and excavators


24 h delivery service!


  • bolt

  • bushings

  • seals

  • screw

  • nuts


for Caterpillar, Komatsu, Volvo.

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We offer spare parts for your crushing and screening equipment, such as crushing jaws, hydraulic motors, conveyor belt rollers, crusher linings, drive parts and much more from all manufacturers in the best quality.

Your local area representative is looking forward to receive your request or contact directly our expert, Mr. Renè Tomaschitz.




We supply headlights, light bulbs and all lighting for construction machinery and trucks.

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We habe about more than 20.000 different Filters in our program

Fleetguard-Filtration-Products are mostly the first choice in original-Equipment.

Because Fleetguard offers not only just the largest assortment in the range of high performance-filtration for Diesel-Aggregats, it has also very innovative technologies in Original-Equipment-Quality.

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Leading producers of high-performance Diesel-Engines trust on Fleetguard and the high performance Quality in Oil-, Air-, Fuel-, Water- and Hydraulic-Filtration.

Self cleaning preseparation: Fleetguard‘s highly efficient technology removes particles of dirt, before they could enter the Air-Filter.

The Sk-Klone preseparator extends the lifetime of your Air-Filter and saves the performance of your equipment.



We supply rubber tracks in a high quality level.

We offer complete end-drives and traction-motors.

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We keep drives of the following high quality producers: Berco, Titan Intertractor

Up to 50 % of the repair costs of caterpillared machines depend just on the drive.

With our premium drives you can reduce the service costs substantial.

chain bolts and nuts, chain-link-seals, sprocket-segments, driver-rims, chain-links, paving tiles, steel tracks, road wheels, wear wheels, guide wheels


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We supply you spare chisels from Smugtools.
Spare chisels are also available in excess lengths and special forms.

  • flat chisel

  • spade chisel

  • burst chisel

  • pyramid hastate chisel

  • pointed chisel

  • tamping plate chisel

  • ram bell

  • clipping blade

  • break tips

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Seal kits for all construction machinery
  • in a practical case
  • Kits for air conditioners
  • O-rings for all requirements
  • Case refillable





The BULLDOZER rubber pads are optimally harmonised with the

chain plate, thus ideal fit!


  • particularly wear-resistant rubber-mix

  • Bevelled side prevents the pinching of stones

  • Fixing with M16 screws

  • ready assembled chains with plates and pads available

  • in stock for many mini excavator types in the 7-14t class





At Bulldozer, you get cleats for the most common impact mills in all cast hardnesses.


With the right cleat you can target every application and benefit from low wear costs and high operational reliability.


Bulldozer has also been an authorized partner of Magotteaux in Austria since the beginning of 2018. The name Magotteaux alone guarantees the highest quality.


Efficient recycling of abrasive building materials with Recyx.


Special solution for the crushing of abrasive materials.


We look forward to receive your request to your local area representative or directly from Mr. Renè Tomaschitz.



Special BULLDOZER-lubricants for construction machinery.

BULLDOZER® high performance lubricating GREASE Lithium Complex grease:

  • Special high-temperature EP-lithium complex grease

  • very good residual lubrication properties

  • excellent adhesion in "extreme areas"

  • Lubrication Spray



We supply:

  • hesagon bolts

  • bihex bolts

  • floor plane bolts

  • square countersunk head bolts

  • nuts

  • machine screws

  • adjusting screws

... please don't hesitate to send an Inquiry. We are sure, to have the suitable bolt for you!


Bulldozer offers you sieves for all screening systems of all manufacturers in all sizes and variations (steel, plastic, rubber).


Sieving is a matter of trust, continue to trust us - as before!

We look forward to your inquiry to your competent area manager or contact directly Mr. Renè Tomaschitz.




Starter and Generators for construction machines

New or in substitution method

  • Delco-Remy

  • Bosch

  • Wilson



We produce cuttings with drilled holes after your requests:

  • steel plate

  • trapezium blades

  • under bolted blades

  • drilled grade blades

  • grader blades

  • cutting edges

  • wearout strips


BULLOIL - the Oil by Bulldozer



  • "Super High Performance" quality Engine oil, gear oil and

        hydraulic oil for all requirements

  • high quality oils in containers from 25 l to 1000 l

  • Winter articles such as antifreeze windscreen wahsher or radiator antifreeze



We supply all current glazings
for construction machines all brands.

Of course with the necessary permissions.

Local on site assembling on request possible



  • enhanced tip with excellent penetration and self sharpening

  • symmetric, waisted profile with streaming lines

  • straight scurf-structure on top and bottom

  • Heavy Duty geometry with enhanced absorption

  • more wear-substance 100% martensitic CrSiMo Steel


  • sharp load edge with middle rip

  • higher efficiency and reduced blunt

  • interrupted rubbing for ideal penetration

  • increased strength, reduced stability, reduced components weariness, minimized burst risk

  • higher wearout stability


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